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Rev. Jesse Jackson Reacts to Shooting at Holocaust Museum

June 10, 2009

"The murder at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is yet another warning in the rise of violent hate crimes in our county-the rise in domestic terrorism. .

This racist, anti-Semitic attack was focused and foreshadowed in the written words of the attacker.

Since President Obama has been in office, gun sales have risen. Assault weapons like AK-47s and M16s remain legal. While this was a heinous crime today, 508 Chicago Public School children have been shot in a 16 month period. These are Baghdad numbers and we seem to have adjusted to them.

Jaundiced views towards Jews and African-Americans, plus economic despair, is a lethal combination.

On one hand, we are a great, God blessed nation; but on the other, we are the most violent nation on earth. We make the most weapons and we use them.

It is time to assess the nature, character and capacity of domestic terrorism. It must be evaluated.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Robert and John Kennedy, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were all killed by domestic terrorists. It is time that we recognize the threat."

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