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Racially Divisive Fear Mongering from President

January 9, 2019




Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Racially Divisive Fear Mongering from President

A statement by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.


President Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday night was more of the same racially divisive, fear mongering we have come to expect from him.  The president confirmed on live television that he still does not understand the immigration issue and is campaigning for reelection at the expense of hard-working federal employees, immigrants, asylum seekers and the American people.


The President said African Americans and Hispanic Americans are “among the hardest hit” by the “humanitarian crisis” at the southern border. Nonsense.  African Americans and Hispanic Americans are among the hardest hit by Mr. Trump’s politics of division and diversion.  The harm to communities of color is caused by the regressive policies of this administration.


The Trump Administration’s attacks on human rights, civil rights, voting rights, affordable health care, affordable housing, fair wages, the environment and common sense are hurting Americans, not exhausted children and their families fleeing oppression, poverty and war.


To blame the vulnerable for their plight is the highest form of political cowardice.  All Americans must oppose President Trump’s thinly veiled effort to justify fulfilling a campaign promise at the expense of everything that is decent and just.


We are better than that.  We can do better than this.


We must build bridges not walls, demand leadership not lies and move forward by hope, not backward by fear. 



Don Terry

Frank Watkins


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