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Not Guilty Verdict a Victory for Police Code of Silence and Culture of Cover-up

January 17, 2019




Thursday, January 17, 2019


Not Guilty Verdict a Victory for Police Code of Silence and Culture of Cover-up

A statement by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.


The police code of silence and culture of cover-up won today. The public’s trust and faith in the criminal justice system lost.


The acquittal of Chicago police Officer Thomas Gaffney, ex-Officer Joseph Walsh and former Detective David March on felony charges of lying, official misconduct and obstructing justice in the murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was a travesty.


Chicago has been haunted and harmed for decades by a police department and a criminal justice system that tolerates and remains silent in the face of brutality, lying and racism in blue. The city has spent more than $500 million to settle police abuse cases, including $5 million to the family of young Laquan.


I’m deeply disappointed by today’s decision. This case demands that we focus on the selection and election of just and impartial judges.


The three officers – and their enables in the department and on the bench – brought shame to the department. The many good officers should stand up and smash the code of silence. They should not allow themselves to be held hostage by bad actors and a toxic police culture that contaminates the water for everybody, officers and citizens alike.  


When Jason Van Dyke, the police officer who shot the teenager 16 times, was convicted last October in a Cook County criminal courtroom, I thought it might be a sign of change, a small measure of justice.


Today’s not-guilty verdict was the exact opposite of change. It was business as usual – injustice, Chicago style.



Don Terrydterry@rainbowpush.org


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